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Record: Anat Gofen, “Reconciling Policy Dissonance: Patterns of Governmental Response to Policy Noncompliance” in Policy Sciences 48, no. 1 (2014): 3-24. [Abstract]

Summary: Gofen is a lecturer at The Federmann School of Public Policy and Governanceas part of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In this article she presents four patterns of governmental response to public noncompliance in the context of homeschooling and several other examples.  (more…)

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Record: Mary Rice Hasson, “The Changing Conversations around Homeschooling: An Argument for More Data and Less Ideology” in The University of St. Thomas Journal of Law and Public Policy (2012*): 1-23. [First Page]

Summary: Hasson is a fellow at the Catholic Studies Program of the Ethics & Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. As the title suggests, she argues that policymakers should focus on the data and research behind homeschooling rather than ideological rhetoric.

Much of the article deals with how homeschooling has changed in the past 30 years. (more…)

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Record: Barbara L. Knox, Suzanne P. Starling, Kenneth W. Feldman, Nancy D. Kellogg, Lori D. Frasier, and Suzanna L. Tiapula, “Child Torture as a Form of Child Abuse” in Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma 7, (2014): 37-49.

Summary:  The authors, affiliated with a range of medical and educational institutions across the country, here come together to report on 28 cases of extreme child abuse, finding that the term “torture” aptly summarizes what these children experienced. (more…)

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