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Re-Posts Coming Soon!

For reasons I don’t fully understand, people continue to subscribe to this older site despite the fact that for almost a year I have not updated it.  For the past year my reviews have been posted on the reviews section of the International Center for Home Education Research (ICHER) website.

I will continue to post new material at ICHER, but since I continue to get significant traffic at this older site, I have decided to update it with some of the posts I’ve done in the past year.  If you want my latest stuff, please go here.  But if you just want to peruse older research reviews, this site will work as well.

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Regular readers of my blog know that I’ve been working with several other scholars to build the International Center for Home Education Research (ICHER) website.  ICHER was founded last year by an international team of scholars with the intent of both facilitating networking among scholars interested in homeschooling and of making the research on homeschooling more accessible to the general public.

Of course making the results of research available to the public is precisely what I’ve been doing on this blog since 2008.  Given that track record, my colleagues placed me in charge of the “Reviews” section of the ICHER site.  It does basically the same thing this blog has been doing.  I have spent the past several months transferring over the great majority of my posts from this blog to the ICHER site.  The only things I didn’t bring over were the occasional forays I took into current events or representations of homeschooling in literature or on film.

Over the next few weeks I’ll continue to do weekly posts both here and on the ICHER reviews section.  But eventually I’ll stop updating here and post exclusively on the ICHER site.  As I know I have many readers who have programmed their computers to give automatic updates through facebook or wordpress whenever I post something, I want to give you plenty of warning before I stop updating on this site.  I’d ask you now to begin familiarizing yourself with the new site in anticipation of the eventual move.  Thanks!

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