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I just came across this interesting article about rising Youtube phenom Austin Mahone.  He’s yet another example of people choosing homeschooling when celebrity creates problems at school.  Money quote:

He moved to San Antonio that spring, when his mom and stepdad divorced (his biological father died when he was a toddler), and his celebrity quickly spread through the school. “Day one was pretty good,” he said. “I was the new guy. Second day, people were like, ‘Aren’t you that kid on YouTube?’ Third day, tons of people were asking me questions. Fourth day, I couldn’t eat lunch, so many people had questions. ‘How did you get started?’ ‘Will you follow me on Twitter?’ It was crazy. The guys hated me ’cause the girls wanted me. By the fifth day, I was eating lunch and they wouldn’t leave me alone, so I went into the bathroom and called my mom; I was like, ‘Mom, get me out of here.’ She got a call from the principal, who said, ‘Is there something about your son you want to tell me?’ Apparently she told him, ‘He’s on YouTube. I didn’t think it was any big deal.’ But it was all around school. Girls would call their friends and have me talk to them on the phone or take pictures of me from behind, and I’d see them later on Facebook. So I left on the fifth day and now I’m homeschooled.

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