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Record: Carmen Green, “Educational Empowerment: A Child’s Right to Attend Public School” in The Georgetown Law Journal, 103, (2015): 1090-1133. [Available Here]

Summary: Carmen Green is a student at Georgetown Law. In this article she explores the issues of abuse and neglect among the homeschool community and whether children have a legal right to attend public school, even if the parents choose to homeschool them.


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Record: Barbara L. Knox, Suzanne P. Starling, Kenneth W. Feldman, Nancy D. Kellogg, Lori D. Frasier, and Suzanna L. Tiapula, “Child Torture as a Form of Child Abuse” in Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma 7, (2014): 37-49.

Summary:  The authors, affiliated with a range of medical and educational institutions across the country, here come together to report on 28 cases of extreme child abuse, finding that the term “torture” aptly summarizes what these children experienced. (more…)

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