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This post reviews Glenda Jackson, “Home Education Transitions with Formal Schooling: Student Persspectives” in Issues in Educational Research 17 (2007) (Available fulltext here)

Jackson, a doctoral candidate at Monash University in Australia, here conducts three case studies of homeschooled students transitioning to and from formal schools.  (more…)

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This post reviews John T. Plecnik, “Equal Access to Public Education: An Examination of the State Constitutional and Statutory Rights of Nonpublic Students to Participate in Public School Programs on a Part-Time Basis in North Carolina and Across the Nation,” published in the Texas Journal on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, Fall 2007 (13: no. 1), pp. 1-30.

Plecnik, who was homeschooled “from cradle to college,” here uses North Carolina as model and constructs a hypothetical argument that would allow homeschooled and private schooled children to take advantage of some public school offerings without having to enroll full-time in the public school.   (more…)

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