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This post reviews Sally Varnham, “My Home, My School, My Island: Home Education in Australia and New Zealand” in Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice 2 (2008): 1-30. [Available fulltext here]

Varnham, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, specializes in education law.  Here she provides an overview of the legal status of homeschooling in Australia and New Zealand.  (more…)

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This post reviews Glenda Jackson, “Home Education Transitions with Formal Schooling: Student Persspectives” in Issues in Educational Research 17 (2007) (Available fulltext here)

Jackson, a doctoral candidate at Monash University in Australia, here conducts three case studies of homeschooled students transitioning to and from formal schools.  (more…)

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