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Some readers may have noticed that I recently added a new link to my blogroll.  Rob Kunzman, Associate Professor of Education at Indiana University in Bloomington, has a really great resource for anyone interested in homeschooling research.  Kunzman is the real deal.  His extensive research has long focused on religion and morality in public schools, and his recent interest in homeschooling, especially religiously-motivated homeschooling, furthers those interests.  In the summer of 2009 his book Write These Laws on Your Children: Inside the World of Conservative Christian Homeschooling will be released.  I have already pre-ordered my copy and can’t wait to get it. 

On his homeschooling web page you’ll find:

  1. Brief but incisive explanations of why we don’t have any comprehensive national data on homeschooling, why claims that homeschoolers outperform day schooled children are not true, and why there is no such thing as a typical homeschooler.
  2. Comprehensive bibliographies of research on various homeschooling topics, listed topically, alphabetically, by date, and by format.
  3. An FAQ page that again provides succinct, accurate answers to such questions as “Do homeschoolers lack opportunities for socialization?” and “Do colleges accept homeschooled students?”

Kunzman’s site is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in homeschooling research.  He asked me if I had any suggestions for it, and I replied that some sort of annotation system to his bibliographies would be nice, for they currently make no distinction between high caliber studies and those of lesser merit.  He agreed and hopes to work on that in the future.  I also note that sometimes studies appear under one heading (say, author) but not under another (say, publication date).  But who’s complaining?  Kunzman has made available for free one of the best, most up-to-date bibliographies of homeschooling research ever compiled.

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