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Record: Carmen Green, “Educational Empowerment: A Child’s Right to Attend Public School” in The Georgetown Law Journal, 103, (2015): 1090-1133. [Available Here]

Summary: Carmen Green is a student at Georgetown Law. In this article she explores the issues of abuse and neglect among the homeschool community and whether children have a legal right to attend public school, even if the parents choose to homeschool them.


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Record: Marcia Clemmitt, “Home Schooling: Do Parents Give their Children A Good Education?” CQ Researcher 24, no. 10 (7 March 2014), pp. 217-240. [Available Here]


The CQ Researcher has long been an influential publication, especially among politicians and others connected to the United States Congress.  Clemmitt is a veteran journalist who has provided in-depth analysis of several educational issues in the past.  She brings her wide experience and the publication’s resources together here on the topic of homeschooling. (more…)

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