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This post briefly reviews Susie Heumier Aasen, “New Followers of an Old Path-Homeschoolers” in Educator’s World 32, no. 4 (January 2010): 12-14. [Available Here]

Aasen, veteran homeschooling mother of five in Washington State, here summarizes the basics of homeschooling research.  She leads off with the 2007 NCES data that estimated there to be around 1.5 million homeschoolers in the U.S.  She describes the diversity of motives, pedagogies, and types of people who homeschool.  She cites Brian Ray’s NHERI research to show that  (more…)

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This post reviews Rachel Gathercole, The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling (Denver: Mapletree Publishing Co., 2007).

Gathercole, a veteran homeschooling mother and widely published homeschooling advocate, here provides book-length coverage of the issue that has vexed homeschoolers more than any other–socialization.   (more…)

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