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Record: Alan Thomas and Harriet Pattison, “The Informal Acquisition and Development of Literacy” in International Perspectives on Home Education (2015): 57-73. [Table of Contents]

Summary: This article is part of a series of reviews on the book International Perspectives on Home Education. Thomas is a visiting fellow and Pattison is a research associate at at the Institute of Education, University of London. Here they investigate the informal development of literacy in the context of home education.


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This post briefly reviews Hyunjoon Park, “Home Literacy Environments and Children’s Reading Performance: A Comparative Study of 25 Countries” in Educational Research and Evaluation 14, no. 6 (Winter 2008): 489-505

Park, a professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, here gives the results of an ambitious study of 25 countries aiming to determine the degree to which home literacy environments affect children’s reading abilities.  (more…)

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This post reviews Clare Kelly, Eve Gregory, and Ann Williams, “Home to School to Home: Syncretised Literacies in Lingustic Minority Communities” in Ofelia Garcia and Colin Baker, eds., Bilingual Education: An Introductory Reader (Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters, 2007).

This essay is one of several chapters in a comprehensive reader on bilingual education.  The researchers compare and contrast the way home cultures in monolingual native British and polylingual immigrant families impart literacy to their children.  (more…)

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