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Mary Clearman Blew is an English professor at the University of Idaho.  She has written a lot of books and stories, most of them autobiographical.  This latest collection is a series of autobiographical tales, most of whose chapters had appeared in print elsewhere as independent essays.

I review it because in addition to being eminently readable it includes a few juicy sections on life as a “home schooler” of sorts in rural Montana during the 1940s.  (more…)

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This post will eventually put together data on number of homeschooling children from every State that has it, providing links to the sources.  The figures here given no doubt underreport the number of children being homeschooled, but even so they provide a good measure of enrollment trends over time.  In the future I will repost this until it is complete, but for now here’s what I’ve got:  (more…)

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