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Record: Rachel R. Hadrick, “Slippery Rock Area School District v. Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School: A Fight on the School-Funding Playground” in Widener Law Journal 22, no. 2 (2013): 289-305.

Summary: Hadrick, now an Associate at the law firm McNees, Wallace, and Nurick, graduated from the Widener School of Law in 2013.  Here she summarizes and evaluates the 2011 Pennsylvania Supreme Court case Slippery Rock Area School District v. Pa. Cyber Charter School.


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Record: Elizabeth Richardson, “Homeschooling Laws (or Lack Thereof) in New Jersey–Are Children Slipping Through the Cracks?” in Journal of Law and Education 42, no. 1 (Winter 2013): 173-181 [Abstract Here]

Summary: Richardson, a law clerk at Lynch, Cox, Gilman, and Goodman in Kentucky, here summarizes and comments on New Jersey homeschooling law.  New Jersey law states that parents or guardians must cause children between ages 6 and 16

regularly to attend the public schools of the district or a day school in which there is given instruction equivalent to that provided in the public schools for children of similar grades and attainments or to receive equivalent instruction elsewhere than at school.

What does “equivalent instruction elsewhere” mean? In 1967’s State v. Massa decision (more…)

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This post reviews Linda G. Hanna, “Homeschooling Education: Longitudinal Study of Methods, Materials, and Curricula” in Education and Urban Society 20, no. 10 (2012): 1-23.

Hanna, an education professor at West Chester University, here gives us the results of a study of 225 homeschooling families coming from 25 school districts in Pennsylvania to get representative data on who chooses to homeschool, why they choose it, and how they do it.  She surveyed and interviewed these families in 1998 and then went back to them 10 years later for another round of questions.  Thus we have here one of the only longitudinal studies of homeschooling ever done. (more…)

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This post briefly reviews Beth Kephart’s young adult novel You Are My Only.

Kephart is an award-winning author of 13 young adult titles as well as lots of poetry, essays, and reviews.  This, her latest book, is up for review here because of its use of homeschooling as a plot point. (more…)

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This post will eventually put together data on number of homeschooling children from every State that has it, providing links to the sources.  The figures here given no doubt underreport the number of children being homeschooled, but even so they provide a good measure of enrollment trends over time.  In the future I will repost this until it is complete, but for now here’s what I’ve got:  (more…)

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