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Several months ago, just prior to the new NCES data that was released, I posted enrollment data from six states that suggested a levelling off of homeschool growth.

Then, only a few weeks later, NCES came out with data that suggested continued dramatic growth in homeschooling!

Now, finally, I’ve got all of the available state data in one place, accompanied by convenient graphs that make trends very easy to observe, followed by references for where it all came from.  The final product was too complicated to post in the normal manner, so my handy workstudy student Philip Martin helped me put it together into a PDF.

Here it is: Home School Data


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This post will eventually put together data on number of homeschooling children from every State that has it, providing links to the sources.  The figures here given no doubt underreport the number of children being homeschooled, but even so they provide a good measure of enrollment trends over time.  In the future I will repost this until it is complete, but for now here’s what I’ve got:  (more…)

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