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Record: Özlem Yurt and Serap Demiriz, “Effect of Home-Based Education Program on Six-Year-Old Children’s Acquisition of Scientific Concept” in International Journal of Human Sciences 11, no. 1 (2014): 1-19.

Summary: As this article is written in Turkish and I know neither the language nor anyone who does, I will limit myself in this post to reproducing the English-language abstract provided by the publisher: (more…)

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This post briefly reviews Elife Doğan Kılıç and Özgür Önen, “Homeschooling in Turkey” in US-China Education Review B 1 (2012): 113-123. [Available here]

Kılıç, an education professor at Sinop University in Turkey, and Önen, an education professor at Akif Ersoy University also in Turkey, here present the results of a survey of 20 Turkish teachers as to the viability of homeschooling in the Turkish context. (more…)

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