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Record: Anat Gofen and Paula Blomqvist, “Parental Entrepreneurship in Public Education: A Social Force or a Policy Problem?” in Journal of Education Policy 29, no. 4 (2014): 546-569. [Abstract]

Summary: Gofen is an assitant professor at The Federmann School of Public Policy and Governance as part of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Blomqvist is an associate professor in the Department of Government at Uppsala University, Sweden. In this article they explore how parents may challenge educational policy.

Over the past several decades, schools and the government have promoted parental involvement in education. However, parental involvement is generally only viewed as a means of complying with current educational policy. Gofen and Blomqvist assert that parents can also act proactively to challenge the existing educational paradigms and to advocate for new policy solutions. Specifically they address three examples of parental entrepreneurship in education: homeschooling, special education, and childcare co-ops. (more…)

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