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This post reviews Edward Zigler, Judy C. Pfannenstiel, and Victoria Seitz, “The Parents as Teachers Program and School Success: A Replication and Extension” in Journal of Primary Prevention 29, no. 2 (March 2008): 103-120 [Available fulltext here].

Many government programs exist to try to help parents, especially low-income parents, better prepare their children for school.  Programs like Head Start’s “Home Start” (now called “Home-Based Program“) have proliferated in recent years, and some lawmakers have been pushing for years to allocate more federal money to the cause of parent education through the “Education Begins at Home Act.” 

Much scholarly effort has been expended studying the efficacy of such programs, with mixed results.  This article enters into the debate and offers evidence that the “Parents as Teachers” (PAT) program does help low income parents prepare their children for academic success.   (more…)

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