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Record: Mary Beth Bolle-Brummond and Roger D. Wessel, “Homeschooled Students in College: Background Influences, College Integration, and Environmental Pull Factors” in Journal of Research in Education 22, no. 1 (Spring 2012): 223-249 [Available here]

Summary: The article before us today is a longitudinal follow up to a 2007 article published by the same authors plus T. M Mulvihill in the Journal of College Student Development.   The earlier article had found that homeschooled students experienced transition to college in ways that were not very different than what conventionally-schooled students experienced.  The original study drew on data from 2005.

The authors returned to the same students in 2010 to track their progress.  They wanted to know if homeschooling had produced any kind of difference in subsequent college experience from their peers.  (more…)

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